We’ve officially entered what are sometimes referred to as “the dog days of August,” with the prime vacation weeks here in the U.S. I find summer, like the holiday season, to be fascinating from a business and sales perspective.  I hear frequently that “it’s slow out there,” “no one is around,” “not much happens in sales this time of year.” But is that true? Is it absolutely, 100% true? How do you know?

My observation is that the best salespeople- people in general- “zig” when everyone else is “zagging.” Here’s what I mean: while the masses of salespeople are crying the summertime blues, the good ones choose to sing a different tune- “Summertime Money Time.” They’re thinking, “Okay, some potential customers may be on vacation but not everyone.  I’m not going to buy the “it’s summertime” excuse; I’m going to double down on my prospecting efforts so I have a full pipeline post-Labor Day. When the other salespeople are just getting back at it, I’ll be closing business.” These salespeople have a written business development plan and time blocked on their calendars to execute it. Do you?

Summer also has the advantage of activities that have us around other people. Several years ago I met the managing partner of a local law firm at a summer alumni function I attended. Being curious, I asked him how he got clients. He said, “Let me tell you about my three largest clients: One I met at the pool in my neighborhood; another I met on the sideline of my daughter’s soccer games; another I play pick-up hoop with every week.” Wow. Not just any clients, but his three largest clients. Is your next client sitting next to you at the pool? At the neighborhood cookout? Could these people introduce you to the right person? Or, could you help them in some way?  Be active as active people get lucky. Engage in friendly conversation, being curious about the other person and what they do. You never know when and where you might have a game changing conversation.

So what tune are you singing this summer? “Summertime Blues” or “Summertime Money Time”?  It’s your choice. Choose wisely.