About Joe

The Sales Catalyst, LLC
Most bios read about how great the person is and all the awards they’ve won. The truth is, when I started in sales, I sucked. As a matter of fact, shortly after starting my career in sales, I was put on the dreaded Performance Improvement Plan and was nearly fired due to poor results. It wasn’t due to lack of effort, I just didn’t know what I was doing.


If it wasn’t for a few good mentors along the way, coaching and training and immersing myself in the study of sales, business, psychology and personal development to get better, who knows where I’d be today. Early on I was fortunate to work for large companies who invested in training and developing their people. Most people aren’t so fortunate and I’m here to help them.

I previously was an award winning sales and leadership trainer and coach with a recognized leader in the sales training industry. I have been recognized for outstanding performance in the positions of Chief Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Growth Specialist, General Manager, Director of Sales, Branch Manager, Sales Effectiveness Manager and Senior Account Executive at local and national companies including AT&T and Lucent Technologies.

I have sold and run sales teams in northern New Jersey, Greater Boston, Chicagoland and metro Denver. I have built sales teams from the ground-up and transformed under-performing teams. Having had P&L experience running a business unit, I bring a unique business approach to sales.

I started The Sales Catalyst in the spring of 2014 to help companies and individuals get better and grow their sales. The name comes from the definition of CAT-A-LYST: A person or event that quickly causes change or action.

I’m insightful, practical, and to the point. I call it like I see it. I tell the truth and I care- passionately. I take my clients’ business personally, and act like my own livelihood depends on their success.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Richmond, Virginia and MBA-Marketing from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. I’m a trained Tony Robbins coach.

When I’m not working with a client, looking for a client or working on my craft, I can be found watching sports, especially the Boston Red Sox and New York Rangers.

I enjoy traveling and hanging out at home with my wife, Tracy. We’ve called the Denver, Colorado area home for the past 20 years. Our adult son lives and works in Denver.

I’m a life-long learner and prolific reader of mostly non-fiction related to sales, business, psychology and personal development.

Since 2003, I’ve been an active member of the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast. I do my best to live by the Rotarian 4-Way Test. Learn more about this great service organization at: rotary.org.

My Team

In Memoriam:

I could not have had a successful launch to my business without my two founding partners.

Saratoga, (2004-2018), our black lab and official greeter, reminded me when it was time to eat and go for a walk. She was a great lesson on the power of asking for what you want and in persistence, especially around food.

Lucy (2002 – 2016), our chocolate lab mix, was a friendly reminder that everyplace is the best place to be and that love and kindness sell.

Both reminded me to lighten up and not take things so seriously, especially myself. I’m a better person for having had them in my life. I miss them terribly.

Sara and Lucy were adopted from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Learn more about this great organization at  www.safeharborlabrescue.org

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