Joe Gregory

The Sales Catalyst, LLC

Is This You or Your Team?


  • Sales results are not where they should be
  • I want to grow my business
  • Struggling to get new clients
  • Competing mostly on price
  • Losing too many sales
  • Dealing with prospects who can’t afford you
  • Wasting time on prospects that never buy
  • As an owner, you don’t have a full-time sales manager and you’re too busy to manage and develop your sales team
  • Sales team operating in reactive mode
  • Looking for fresh ideas and outside perspective


Who We Help:

Business owners and people who sell come to The Sales Catalyst when they are thinking, “we need to grow our sales” and “I know we can do better.”

They’re sick and tired of status quo and know that if nothing changes, nothing changes.


We help:

  • Business Owners who have salespeople
  • Small Business Owners who Sell
  • Consultants and Coaches who need to get clients
  • Professionals responsible for business development
  • Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs
  • Salespeople
  • Sales Managers


Why We’re Different:

My clients get results and experience success because my approach is very different from what you normally find.

  • What I teach and coach on is specific to your business and sales situations. You’re not sent to a classroom, online or off-line, subject to off-the-shelf, canned training content.
  • It’s personal. You engage me. I’m hands-on and available to you. I care and act like my livelihood depends on your sales success.
  • I’m in the sales trenches every day, prospecting and selling for my business and helping my clients.
  • If our engagement isn’t working for either of us, we stop. There are no long term contracts. Either I’m having an impact or I’m not.
  • You’ll learn the “inner” game of sales in addition to skills, strategies and tactics to help you close the knowing/doing gap.

What We Do:

I’m a sales coach, consultant and contract sales manager. I’m hired by companies and people who sell. I provide:

  • Sales coaching in group settings
  • Private one on one sessions
  • Contract sales management
  • Sales consulting/Advisory
  • Executive Coaching


I specialize in helping you:


  • Get better and grow your sales
  • Get more clients through a customized “Blueprint” approach because so many struggle finding and obtaining new business and new clients
  • Learn how to have powerful, effective, relaxed sales conversations that sound different than the typical salesperson that turns all of us off because in such a noisy world, “how” you sell matters
  • Become more capable and confident at selling by providing processes, tools, skills, effective language, and support
  • Serving as your contract sales manager so you can focus on what you’re good at


I’m committed to your success. You have a default future if you don’t change. If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and get better, contact me now.
Phone: 303-345-5370