The Sales Catalyst, LLC


Business owners and people who sell come to The Sales Catalyst when they are thinking, “we need to grow our sales” and “I know we can do better.” They’re sick and tired of status quo and know that if nothing changes, nothing changes.



For People Who Sell:

  • Private one on one High Impact Sales Coaching: on site and via teleconferencing & Skype.
  • Business Development Coaching for Professionals

For Executives:

  • Private one on one High Impact Executive Coaching: on site and via phone & Skype
  • Next Phase of Life Transition Coaching

For Companies:

  • Contract Sales Management/Interim Sales Management: let the expert handle it for you
  • Group Sales Coaching: on-site and via teleconferencing
  • Individual Sales Coaching: on site and via teleconferencing
  • Sales Training (specific to your business and industry)
  • Sales Management Coaching & Training
  • Advisory services
  • Startups: all things sales: people, processes, systems, strategy , tactics, action plans
  • Custom Engagements
  • Assessments and evaluations: people, processes, systems, compensation
  • On-site Sales Discovery: an in-depth evaluation of all things sales resulting in a written, actionable, prioritized plan to improve sales productivity and achieve your sales objectives. And I’ll help you implement it.

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