At my networking group a couple of weeks ago, Ann (name changed) told the group how she had been meeting with a prospect and the prospect said to her, “everyone says that.” I sat there thinking, “wow, what a great service the prospect provided to Ann. She actually verbalized what most prospects are thinking.” We discussed it as a group as it was a great learning moment for all of us.

I’ve long been a believer that how you sell, not what you sell, is your unique selling proposition. You need to look and sound different and do things differently than all the other typical salespeople.

When meeting with a prospect or, better yet, when preparing in advance, imagine them saying in response to everything you say, “who cares,” “so what,”  “that’s what everyone says.” This is what they’re thinking it’s just that most prospects and customers are too polite to tell you the truth. They maybe nodding their head but inside they’re thinking, “this person is wasting my time.”

Don’t believe me? We are all buyers. Have you ever had these thoughts while listening to a salesperson?  Just this morning I received an email from someone I met at a networking event. The email was all about them and never even asked me a question nor mentioned anything about me and my business and how she might be able to help me.

Here are a few commonly used phrases by salespeople that have you sounding like everyone else:

  • We’ve been in business 15 years (so what)
  • We have great customer service (that’s what everyone says)
  • We’re the best at….(that’s what everyone says)
  • We’re different because….(I don’t believe you)
  • I’d love to….(who cares)

It’s good to practice a sales call with someone else and have them say, “everyone says that,” “who cares,” “so what,” to everything you say. This is what your prospect is thinking so prepare for it.

What are other commonly used phrases that prospects and customers are tired of hearing?