Are You A (Sales) Pelican?The Sales Catalyst

I was recently on vacation in Mexico. While walking the beach each day, I was fascinated by the pelicans. They are constantly out on patrol, skimming along the surface of the water, looking for food to eat. They are gracefully and naturally out where the action is, causing things to happen.  They aren’t sitting on the beach waiting for food to show up. If they did, they’d starve. Every day they are out looking for and finding food to eat. The pelicans are consistently open for business.

The pelicans got me thinking about salespeople.  How are we consistently demonstrating that we are open for business? As salespeople, are we out where the action is looking for new clients as a daily habit? Pelicans, unlike the rest of us, don’t say, “I don’t feel like fishing today” or “I’m busy now, I’ll do it later.” The pelicans don’t catch something on each dive, but you don’t see them with slumped shoulders thinking, “this isn’t working.” They are not attached to the outcome- they just keep moving knowing that there are fish to catch.

So as salespeople and business owners, how would your business change if we started acting more like the pelicans in this regard? What would the impact be on our business if we got out there “causing” things to happen? What action are you going to take today to grow your business?